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Update from Zimbabwe

I’m sorry that I’m not so good at updating, but the internet is pretty slow when it works. I'm not able to upload pictures at the moment, but I'll try again. I’m having a great time! To do a short resyme, the trip down here was long. I left home 4 pm Saturday 5th of January, and arrived Antilope Park 6 pm or something Monday 7th. The flight to Heathrow was quite nice, and I checked in at the hotel, got upgraded to a king size bed, which was really nice. Anyway, after a night in luxury I had to wait for an hour for my bus to the airport. When I checked in, I had to repack my bag two times, since I was allowed to have only 8 kg in my carry-on luggage, and I had like 14 kg. My bag then was 27 kg and my carry-on like 10 kg. I had to pay 22 pounds in overweight (just for 2 kg - lucky me). It was like 30 minutes to go to my gate, and after 5 minutes the «road» was closed and the message was: «THE FIREALARM HAS WENT OFF, YOU MUST IMMIDATELY LEAVE THE BUILDING!! IMIDIATELY!!». Nobody did though, but we had to wait for a long time, and then for 20 more minutes at the gate. After 11 hours in the plane (without my videoscreen working) I came to Johannesburg. I here met Betina, who was also going to Antelope Park. When we arrived in Bulawayo we met Erica, and suddently we were three norwegians going to the same place. The trip to Antelope Park was suppose to take 2-3 hours, but it took 5 because we got pulled over by the police a lot of times.

The first two days was induction days, and was filled with a lot of information. The days started at 6:30, and we got explained all about the four stages in the lion breeding program. Ruffly the first stage is where we do the lion walks, and figgure out who’s the strongest lion. The strongest from stage one goes on to stage two, where they take away almost all the human contact. Here they get their own cubs, which are raised by the lion themself, and these cubs are the ones that can pass on to stage three. Stage three is where they get to meet other animals like hyienes and buffalos and animals like that. At stage four the lions from stage three get released into the wild. At the moment we only got stage one and two, but are soon to have stage three. We also learned a lot of the bush, and had bushwalks where we looked for tracks and science in the bush. We got to ride elephants, and also to walk with them. It was so cool. I stepped on a torn so Dan had to get the rest of the torn out of my foot, and he used bleeching to take away the infection. We got to walk with the P’s, which are the big lions.

Thursday and Friday was the first days in community. Breakfast at 8 am. Went to Mkoba 4, which is the biggest clinic. It’s no doctors working on the clinic, so the nurses does all the diagnosis and the treatment. Everything is so different from Norway. Me, Betina and Erica went for a canoetrip at the river, which was exciting and a bit scary, cause suddently a man was whistling in the middle of the bush.

Saturday I went for research in stage two. The lions tried to hunt the sebraes, but they didn’t make a kill. After breakfast we went to the orphanage. We collected money from all the volunteers and did the grosery shopping for all the boys at the boys home. The food we’re buying is the food they get during the week. And the visit we give them is the only visit they’re getting. It’s 18 boys living there, and they have 12 beds on three bedrooms. We went on a game drive, and saw all the animals, before we went on a polomatch. And we finished the Saturday in the bush with a bonfire. We was sitting there hearing the lions roaming in the middle of the bush. A really cool feeling.

Week two we started with community Monday morning. And then went back for the night shift. We had one lady in labour and actually got to see she giving birth to a beautiful little boy. Since we did the night shift we had Tuesday off.

Wednesday we went to Victoria Falls, and we stayed there until Sunday. It was a long drive, but we came to Hwangi nationalpark and it was so nice there. I went to Chobe in Botswana, which was a really nice trip. It was just amazing. We saw the falls, and we went for a sunset cruice. It was an amazing trip, and we had a really good time, although the trip back home was way too long.

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Sååå kult Lene! :D Gleder meg til å høre mer!!! :D <3

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